Welcome to my re-launched website!

The ambition with this site is foremost to display current work coming from my studio. I may add a section displaying examples of older work later on. My intention is to run updates and refreshing the site, given the usually rather laboured and time-consuming painting and sculpting methods that I apply.

I was born in Stockholm, raised there and in the archipelago north of town. After abouth one month at an initiated college-education, only 16 and with a passionate conviction that I wanted to become an artist, I skipped out of ordinary school and enrolled at the Gerlesborg art-school in Stockholm. Stayed on there for two years, mainly drawing from live model. Classic, still modernist ”French Academy” style tuition.  I may have lacked some maturity to fully appreciate and filter those good teachers experience and knowledge, but did achieve skill training and a sharpened, more analytical vision. Following these couple of years I however decided to take on my own education with painting, since I wanted to dig into a more profound classic approach to expressing than whas propogated at the time in Swedish art-schools. Also I rather wanted to focus on actually making paintings, being productive and try to get my work exhibited.

I made my debut solo show in Sweden 1977, then my foreign debut in Paris 1982 and have since continued to work with and exhibit my work, by now also worldwide.  I lived and worked in London, UK  1982-89 and in Lucca, Italy 1989-2008. During this European continent period my three daughters were born, in Italy I also grew and produced olive oil and wine from my farm house. These were very happening and interesting years. Later I permanently moved back to Sweden where I now enjoy country living in my former schoolhouse/become studiohouse.                              My work has so far been exhibited and sold in Sweden, Italy, England, France, Germany and USA.

Since a number of years my approach and working process have included adressing parallell themes and realms, on one hand with my landscape based images and on the other hand the myhological/existential subjects. One exhibition visitor once remarked that it seemed that I illustrated an inner and an outer reality. A good observation in itself, although I personally believe that since everything universally intemingle and co-exist, both in the material and spiritual experience of existence – Thus and therefore manifests as such, also in my work…

My main means of expression is classically founded and figurative oilpainting, I also produce art prints, mixed technique work, drawings and have lately been producing and showing large size sculptural objects.

I will happily respond to questions regarding my artistic intentions and parameters.  I likewise cordially respond to artistic entrepreneur offers and exhibition opportunities. I will also consider commissions, private and/or corporate.

Karl Johan Lilliesköld   april 2018