I will happily respond to questions regarding my artistic intentions and parameters.  I likewise cordially respond to artistic entrepreneur offers and exhibition opportunities. I will also consider commissions, private and/or corporate.

I was born in Stockholm, raised there and in the archipelago north of town. After abouth one month at an initiated college-education, only 16 and with a passionate conviction that I wanted to become an artist, I skipped out of ordinary school and enrolled at the Gerlesborg art-school in Stockholm. Stayed on there for two years, mainly drawing from live model. Classic, still modernist ”French Academy” style tuition.  I may have lacked some maturity then, to fully appreciate and filter those good teachers experience and knowledge, but did achieve skill training and a sharpened, more analytical vision.

Following these couple of years I however decided to take on my own education with painting, since I wanted to dig into a more profound classic approach to expressing than whas propogated at the time in Swedish art-schools. Also I rather wanted to focus on actually making paintings, being productive and try to get my work exhibited.

I made my debut solo show in Sweden 1977, my abroad solo debut in Paris 1982 and have since continued to work with and exhibit my work, by now also worldwide.

I lived and worked in London, UK  1982-89 and in Lucca, Italy 1989-2008.

During this European period my three daughters were born, In Italy I also grew and produced olive oil and wine from my farm house. These were happening and interesting years. Later I permanently moved back to Sweden where I now enjoy country living in my former schoolhouse/become studiohouse.

My work has been exhibited and sold in Sweden, Italy, England, France, Germany and USA.

My approach and working process have included addressing parallell themes and realms, on one hand with my landscape based images and on the other hand the mythological/existential subjects. One exhibition visitor once remarked that it seemed like I illustrated both an inner and an outer reality.

The human condition and the all embracing nature with its respective archetypes and its complication – Forever interesting and haunting.

Karl Johan Lilliesköld   april 2018 & 2021